The Sonya collection is undoubtedly one of the most striking by Maya Gemstones, with its architectural design, inspired by art, geometric shapes and their places in history. It's also a sentimental one, being named after Olga's youngest daughter.

The collection was originally launched in calming, iridescent rose quartz - the the stone of universal love and healing, before receiving a neon update for London Fashion Week in February 2020.

The fiery red and serene aqua pieces were launched in November 2021.



Star of David

Star of David is a brand-new mini collection, which harnesses the true power or the triangle - released for Hanukkah 2021.

Both pieces in the collection are made with a mechanism that transforms the brands signature triangular shape into the Star of David, which itself is made of two equilateral triangles.

Also known as the Shield of David, it’s a powerful protection symbol, which is known throughout the world to represent both the Jewish community and the state of Israel.






Out of office

”The important thing is to never stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing” – Albert Einstein

Launched at Paris Fashion Week 2019, followed by a neon extension for summer 2020, the Out of Office collection represents curiosity, inquisitiveness, and a desire to learn.

One of the best thing in life is that we never stop learning, even after leaving school or university. There are always new skills for us to learn and techniques for us to adopt.

The collection features fashion forward pendants, stackable bracelets, rings and earrings, including a paperclip design, created for ultimate comfort.



ZigZag is a poignant collection, designed to represent the twists and turns of the past year, with each piece is engraved with the words “This too Shall Pass,” to remind the wearer that the dark times will not last forever.

The collection features statement pendants, rings and earrings, each designed in a zig zag formation, and featuring rainbow sapphires, diamonds and Maya cut stones, such as pretty pink tourmaline and striking blue tanzanite


Triangle Power

Our brand new Triangle Power collection features ultra-glam earrings and a pendant.

Each piece is made of 18ct white gold, mini round-cut diamonds and has a show stopping 'Maya cut' Amethyst at its centre.

The triangle is the symbol of love and is also said to be representative of power, intellect, wisdom, and truth. 



Inspired by the history of space flight, progress, technology and the achievements of
Olga’s home country, which saw the first woman entering orbit in 1963, the Cosmic
collection was the first to be launched by Maya Gemstones in 2018.

At the heart of this interstellar-themed collection is the Tahiti black pearl, which
symbolises space itself – the Maya Cut diamond symbolises the Maia Star from the
Taurus constellation and the blue sapphire symbolises Rigel, a vibrant blue star in the
Orion constellation.


Secret garden

The Secret Garden collection symbolises the beauty of nature, inspired by Olga’swalks in Regents Park and her journey to Japan. Nature is not only beautiful by design, but because of its ability to grow, breath, adapt and protect itself.

Each piece from the Secret Garden collection is made in the shape of a rose petal and the Maya Cut gemstone represents the thorns.


Engagement & wedding

Committed to bringing innovation to her projects, Maya Gemstones founder Olga Pekarevskaia worked with skilled ateliers to create a unique triangular cut of diamond, now known as the Maya Cut.

Each diamond has 28-facets and offers far more luminosity and depth than Trillion – even surpassing that of some of the more traditional cuts of stone.

The triangle is the true symbol of love, with the peak embodying the Divine Spirit and the lower two points representing two lovers. The point at which all corners connect is where one can find true, unconditional love.


Perfect ring

While our original Perfect Ring wasn’t initially intended to be an engagement ring, its unique shape, brushed gold texture and central Maya cut diamond has made it the perfect choice for those looking for something different to the usual offering. 

This stunning, perfectly balanced ring is now part of its very own collection, with pretty pink tourmaline and sky-blue topaz options – with 18ct white and rose gold. It can still be worn as a statement, non-engagement ring. 

Each stone has been created using the brands signature, triangular ‘Maya cut’ with 28-facets. The triangle is the true symbol of love and is also said to be representative of power, intellect, wisdom and truth. In spirituality, triangles represent the union of mind, body and soul. 


Our vision

Innovations and simplicity