Reflecting on centuries of precious stones and jewellery history, Olga Pekarevskaia founded Maya Gemstones in 2018 after being drawn to the rare triangular cut of diamond, known as Trillion. 

While they do occur in nature, they only equate to 5% of the global market and only 1% are of good quality - the majority lack brilliance, which is perhaps why they’ve been so overlooked.

Committed to bringing innovation to her projects, Pekarevskaia decided to work with skilled ateliers to create a unique triangular cut of stone, with far more luminosity and depth than Trillion – even surpassing that of some of the more traditional cuts.

The ‘Maya Cut’ has been created with 28-facets and an architectural, minimalistic design, inspired by Pekarevskaia’s travels and her acute interest in culture, art, design and technology.