Olga Pekarevskaia founded Maya Gemstones in 2018, having never worked in the jewellery industry previously - but as a successful entrepreneur, she was already adept to finding her niche in new markets.

Pekarevskaia had always been fond of the rarer, more interesting shapes of stone and was captivated by the architectural aspect of the different cuts; the symmetry, the facets and how the light reacts with them. 

Prior to founding the brand, Pekarevskaia analysed the jewellery market and found the Trillion cut to be the rarest. While they do occur in nature, they only equate to 5% of the global market and only 1% are of good quality - the majority lack brilliance, which is perhaps why they’ve been so overlooked.

Committed to bringing innovation to her projects, Pekarevskaia decided to work with skilled ateliers to create a unique triangular cut of stone, with far more luminosity and depth than Trillion – even surpassing that of some of the more traditional cuts.

The first collection launched by Maya Gemstones, featuring the Maya Cut, was ‘Cosmic’ – an interstellar-themed collection to honour progress and technology, inspired by the Russian space race. A leading piece from this collection was nominated in the “Innovative Design” category of the COUTURE Awards, during the 2019 show in Las Vegas.